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Home 3D

Augmented reality for your home!

"Home 3D" helps you to create a 3D plan of your home. The generated 3D plan can be exported to be used with other programs. With an augmented reality view, you can also see in real time what would be the result of changes in your rooms. This can help you to decide what interior design changes you would prefer for your home.
Typical changes could be:

  • adding a wall or removing an existing one,
  • adding a door or window, or closing an existing one,
  • changing the color of a wall or a ceiling part.

Once you've changed part of your home interior design, you can move around and see the result in real time from various angle views.

How to get it?

"Home 3D" is available on Google Play™.


Open the camera view, and proceed in 3 simple steps:

  1. First let the app discover the surrounding space, by slowly walking around the room. Make sure the app has properly detected the floor level which is painted as a virtual grid. This may take some time for the app to select the correct level. The accuracy of the created 3D plan heavily depends on the quality of this initial step.
  2. Then, define the floor boundary of the room. To do so, you can either click on the screen where each corner is located. You can also lay the phone screen vertically on each wall, and not move it for one second. The phone will vibrate when the wall is detected. To finish this step, you need to close the contour by clicking the the first corner again.
  3. Finally, when the ground boundary is closed, you can start modeling the room. Adjust the position of the corners, and the wall heights with your finger. Use the + button to add doors, windows, ceiling, and some more advanced structures. You can also pick a color from the background to paint any surface of the room with it.

Room structure edition

To modify the room structure, click on the (+) button. Then, depending on your choice, you will have to either select elements to indicate where the change should happen, or simply drag and drop the action on the target room element.
You will notice, that elements which are candidates for the action are displayed with a blinking color.

Moving the room elements

This is done by moving the corners which are represented with a little square. Points always have a movement constraint (they belongs to the floor, or to a segment, or to a plane). Therefore, you can not move them everywhere as the app enforces the position constraints.

Adding a ceiling

3 different actions are available:

  • You can choose to insert a flat ceiling. In that case, you must select all the wall corners that are at the same height. When you're done, click on the OK button. If you later change the height of one corner, the heights of the others will be updated accordingly.
  • You can chose to insert an inclined ceiling face. Proceed like for the flat ceiling face. The difference is that the app will remember that the 2 first corners form an horizontal axis, and that all the corners must be kept on a plane. Those constraints be enforced each time you move one of the corners.
  • You can chose to insert a triangle face. Each time you have selected 3 corners, a new face is added. Click on OK when you're done. This action is usually used to close a ceiling. There is no constraint added to the corners that have been selected.

Adding a ceiling slope change

This action is required when the ceiling slope changes along a wall. In that case, drag and drop the icon on the wall. This will create wall points that will always stay inside the wall.

Adding a dormer

You can add a dormer structure on any wall that is already connected to a ceiling face. The app will then take care of all the constraints to attach the various dormer corners to the wall and ceiling. You will probably need to then add a window to the back wall of the dormer.

Changing colors

To change the color of any face, you first need to select a particular color. To do so, click on the (+) button, go to the painting tab, and drag and drop the pipette on an area with the color you want to pick. Then drag and drop the paint bucket on the face you want to repaint.

Switching from reality to your simulated room

The slider located on the top of the screen is used to change the transparency of the virtual model, from 0% to 100%. This allows you to switch in real time from reality to the redesigned room and back, while you're looking at the room from different angles.

Export the 3D plan

Click on the share button to export the generated 3D plan. The 3D plan is generated with the wavefront/obj file format. Note that the unit used to export the point positions is the current unit of the app. The app tries to guess the appropriate unit depending on your locale. You can change it from the settings menu which is available in the main page of the app.


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